Things to do when waiting for a ferry in Greece at 6.18am

1)   Get your computer out

2)   Worry that people will see your computer and try to steal it from you on the ferry

3)   Vow to keep computer with you at all times

4)   Write a list

5)   Check your blog/facebook/emails/twitter religiously

6)   Realise that no one you know is up at this ungodly hour

7)   Text your mum to wake her up

8)   Instruct her to make a list of topics that might interest you

9)   Check what time the sunrises

10)   Patiently wait until 6.42am

11)    Have phone ready to capture moment

12)    Debate whether or not to share on twitter or facebook

13)     Worry about the mangy dog sniffing around your feet

14)     Presume that your feet smell

15)      Judge the boy wearing sunglasses. The sun doesn’t come up for another 22 minutes (it’s now 6.22am).

16)      Eat. Drink. Smoke (my more accessible response to ‘Eat. Pray. Love’)

17)      Speak to yourself in Spanish.

18)       Feel simple.

19)       Try it Greek.

20)       Feel even simpler.

21)        Stomp around like a toddler.

22)        See how many languages you can say ‘I’m bored and tired’ in

23)        You can say it in 4. Feel intelligent and multicultural.

24)        Be infinitely grateful for the free wifi.

25)        Publish your list on the internet just in case the internet was wondering what you were doing right now

26)       Congratulate self for dry wit

27)       Realise list only took 15 minutes to write and that you still have 2 hours to wait


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