I’m a 23 year old Londoner, finding her way in the World. I currently live in Seville, Spain, where I teach English. I can be interested in almost everything, but my constant interests include philosophy, spirituality, football, bringing high spiritual concepts out of the Himalayan caves and onto the street,and language. Having said that, my main interest is obviously myself, hence the blog.

Please settle down, get comfy, and enjoy perusing my online outlet.



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  1. I like your blogs. I’ve been seeing Ammachi since `88 when she stayed at our house on her first visit to L.A. (spiritual materialist bragging?). Before that I was with Muktananda and Siddha Yoga, having left when he died and Gurumayi took control. You’re totally spot on about the Eastern/Western Yogi thing. The “white” people take themselves soooo seriously and love to dress so everyone knows they’re into something different and special.

    Keep `em coming.

  2. Oh wow, Amma stayed at your house (spiritual materialist jealousy?). What was that like? Was she a good guest?

    I know about the dressing to prove your special, sometimes on my way to ‘spiritual’ things, if I get lost I just follow the crowd of tie dye/hippie pants/ clothes that are far too exotic for London! Never fails!

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