What is normal, anyways?


Thanks to my job, I get to meet loads of people. In the last month I’ve met about 60 new people. And not just meet as in I’ve bought a coffee  from them, I mean meet as in spent time with them. Got to know them and tried to remember their names.


Obviously meeting a lot of people entails encountering lots of different personalities and ways of being. I have, however, noticed myself saying “Oh my days. Why can’t people just be normal?!” Suddenly I say ‘normal’ as a compliment, as if being normal is what everyone should strive for.


But now I’m thinking what is normal? When I say “why can’t people just be normal?” am I actually saying “Why can’t people just be fucked up in exactly the same way as I am?”.


I think I might be.


We all have our definition of normal, that varies from culture to culture, from family to family and from person to person. I remember when I first went out in Greece. I all eagerly got to the club at about 11pm, found it empty and then went home and concluded that the night life in Greece was shit and that Greeks didn’t know how to party. Little did I know all the cool Greeks were still having dinner, and wouldn’t rock up to the club until 3am, where they would proceed to party until the sun came up, whilst judgemental little guiri tourist me was tucked up in bed. Now who is shit at partying?!


That’s just a silly cultural example, but I think we spend a lot of time trying to find people who think like us. We might say that someone who thinks like us is normal, or interesting, or that we just click. But, maybe what we’re really saying is ‘so and so’s twisted, warped view of the world is just like mine, and this makes me like them’.


I’m guessing that ‘normal’ doesn’t really exist. Everyone has their own way of being, and some will work with our ways, and others won’t.


But I think I need to stop calling people ‘normal’ or ‘abnormal’. ‘Jade-friendly’ or ‘not Jade-friendly’ would be a truer and more accurate judgement.


About Jade Doherty

Oh my, 'about mes' are harder than they look! Hello, I'm Jade. Having been intrigued by this whole blog thing for a while I thought I'd give it a go. You can expect some sarcasm, mixed with some self-depreciation and, if we're lucky, topped off some interesting things to ponder. As my interests are pretty eclectic, it's likely that this blog will be too. My main interests are self inquiry, reading, Philosophy, watching crime TV shows that make me feel clever, football, looking at pretty pictures. Oh who am I kidding, my main interest is myself! So this blog will be about me, although I'm sure I'll find more subtle and refined ways to be self-indulgent! As a retired over-achiever, I'm trying to find what I enjoy, rather than what I'm good at. So far this includes drinking copious amounts of tea, having a laugh and writing. So get comfy, make yourself at home, and enjoy perusing my musings! xx

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