Satsang or Therapy?


Hi All!

I just spent the weekend at Satsang with Mooji  ( and whilst Mooji was awesome (such a dude!) this particular Satsang raised an issue for me via my brother.

You see, this was my brother’s first Satsang. He’s one of those people who seem like they’re really superficial, but underneath have a wealth of wisdom, understanding and stillness that puts most ‘seekers’ to shame.

He left Satsang disappointed with the questions that were being asked, saying that it was more like therapy than a gathering of Truth. I’m so proud of him, only his first Satsang and he’s already judging people! But he had a point. I guess I’m used to it, I try to look beyond the words and take what I can from a question, but for a deep newcomer, I can see that the questions would have been boring.


Mooji. What a dude!

Person after person got up and talked about their lives, their pain, how they felt, how obsessive they are about their girlfriend, how their grandson’s in trouble, on and on with problem after problem. It did feel more like ‘Ask Uncle Mooji’ than Guru meets disciple. I half expected someone to ask Mooji for a lift to airport!

Which leads me to the point of this rant/well articulated article. Satsang is not therapy. Spirituality is not a substitute for therapy or a way out of your problems. Of course most people come to spirituality, yoga and healing with some problems. If we had no problems there’d be no incentive to look behind the problems and see who we really are.

But when someone gets up and starts talking to a Master about how they are obsessive about their girlfriend, how they slept outside her door, that they want to possess her and that what their Self desires is more sex, asking them ‘who witnesses these thoughts? And who is aware of the witness’ could easily (and perhaps should be) be replaced by ‘man up and grow a pair! You’re a bit creepy’

For me, spirituality is about a love of something. Be it a love of Truth, of Freedom, of Emptyness. It’s not a hatred of anything; it’s not a hatred of the body, of Life, of suffering. To me it feels like a pull that can’t be ignored, rather than a saviour from the crapness of the world. It’s a positive movement towards, rather than a negative movement away from.

Any situation that gives people a forum to share their story without interruptions is going to lead to lot of ‘me me me-ing’. I find it a shame when this is done with a Master like a Mooji. You’re with this Enlightened Guru, you’re sitting next to him, he’s looking at you with the firey stare of truth and you want him to help you shag more?! Really?!

That’s like being with The Rolling Stones and talking about GuitarHero. Bit of a waste of time of you ask me.

So, what’s your take on this? Does it bother you when people moan about their lives when they could be tasting the Truth? Are you able to see behind the questions and enjoy the presence of Enlightenment? Or, are you maybe one of the ‘over sharers’ I’ve moaned about and could tell the other side of the story?



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Oh my, 'about mes' are harder than they look! Hello, I'm Jade. Having been intrigued by this whole blog thing for a while I thought I'd give it a go. You can expect some sarcasm, mixed with some self-depreciation and, if we're lucky, topped off some interesting things to ponder. As my interests are pretty eclectic, it's likely that this blog will be too. My main interests are self inquiry, reading, Philosophy, watching crime TV shows that make me feel clever, football, looking at pretty pictures. Oh who am I kidding, my main interest is myself! So this blog will be about me, although I'm sure I'll find more subtle and refined ways to be self-indulgent! As a retired over-achiever, I'm trying to find what I enjoy, rather than what I'm good at. So far this includes drinking copious amounts of tea, having a laugh and writing. So get comfy, make yourself at home, and enjoy perusing my musings! xx

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